John Watson: Leading the way in female entrepreneurship research

I just found out that my father, Professor John Watson, has one of the most read articles in the International Journal of Gender & Entrepreneurship over the last 12 months and he also has the 11th most cited article (and top female entrepreneurship article) published in the Journal of Business Venturing, which is the highest ranked entrepreneurship journal in the world! Way to go Dad I’m so proud of you! Now I’m lucky enough to be working along-side him helping businesses improve their performance and I’m learning greatly from his wealth of knowledge. We have some exciting years ahead!

The two published articles referred to above are: Gender and the SME “finance gap”; and Gender differences in firm performance: Evidence from new ventures in the United States. These are just two of the many articles he has published in leading international journals and below is a link to his full set of publications.

John Watson Google Scholar Citations

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