Whitepaper: Developing leadership skills through equine facilitated programs

Leadership is a widely studied subject rooted in the history of humans and organisations due to its significant impact on financial performance (Goleman 2000). The premise of leadership is the capacity to provide confidence and to motivate people to the realisation of a common purpose (Haslam et al. 2013). While effective leaders should have the capacity to translate a vison …

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Which network groups increase firm survival and growth?

Due to the significant financial and human costs that inevitably follow a business failure, researchers have long been interested in the factors associated with firm performance. While there are many factors that can influence the success of a venture, only recently have researchers begun to highlight the potential significance of an owner’s networking involvement. Network theory suggests that the ability …

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Research shows women are just as likely to succeed in starting a new business as men

There is a perception that, compared to men, women are less likely to run a successful business; and there have even been studies supporting this perception. But is this really true? Research conducted by Professor John Watson found that there is no difference in the performance of female- and male-owned new ventures provided performance is appropriately measured. It seems that …

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John Watson: Leading the way in female entrepreneurship research

I just found out that my father, Professor John Watson, has one of the most read articles in the International Journal of Gender & Entrepreneurship over the last 12 months and he also has the 11th most cited article (and top female entrepreneurship article) published in the Journal of Business Venturing, which is the highest ranked entrepreneurship journal in the …

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New Equine Facilitated Leadership Workshops

Leadership and its impact on financial performance has been a widely studied subject in business. The premise of leadership is the capacity to provide confidence and to motivate people to the realisation of a common purpose. While effective leaders should have the capacity to translate a vision into reality they should not be purely task oriented; but should also inspire …

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Michael has been my adviser for the past 12 months, and it has been an outstanding experience from both a technical and service perspective. From our initial scoping meeting, Michael’s approaches has been first class. I speak with Michael on a regular basis as a sounding board for all investment decisions. Having practiced as an accountant and tax lawyer, my experience with financial planners has been varied and my view was tainted having previously engaged two of the larger top-tier, terrace advisory firms. However, Michael developed a highly innovative strategy tailored to my specific risk profile and longer term goals, and their outstanding investment philosophies have rapidly turned me into a strong advocate of the firm in regularly making key introductions within my own networks. As a director of several companies, I am generally very time poor and rely on Michael to provide complex strategic investment advice, often at short notice. My experience to date has exceeded my very high expectations, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Advali to my family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Chris Bates

Managing Director of KBE Human Capital

Michael has been my personal and company accountant for about 3 years now, after initially being recommended by an old colleague of mine. He operates with the highest degree of professionalism and espouses an excellent work ethic. Michael has always been comprehensively informed of taxation and financial matters providing sound advice whenever I’ve needed it. His amiableness and customer service values makes working with him a pleasure.

Vincent Ruffino

Managing Director of Diablo Industrial Service

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